The Correct Way To Remove A tick


The Correct Way To Remove A tick 

Tick Removal: A Step-by-Step Guide

Experts have warned that ticks – blood-sucking, disease-carrying arachnids – appear to be on the rise. The number of confirmed cases of Lyme disease – the most serious bacteria infection spread to humans by infected ticks – has also increased.So make sure you keep an eye out for ticks and if you get one on you remove it asap. To remove a tick you have to make sure that you remove the tick properly How a tick is removed is extremely important. Incorrect removal may result in:

  • The tick’s mouth parts being left behind in the skin (causing localised infection)
  • Compression of the tick’s abdomen (causing back-flow of potentially infective fluids)
  • Puncture of the tick’s body (spilling potentially infective fluids)
  • Injury and stress to the tick (causing potential regurgitation of infective fluids)

Check out this article now and see how to remove ticks now, when i have been on a dog walk i always check my self and the dog to make sure no ticks are buried the head in and most the time i can catch them before they have got to my skin,

The Correct Way To Remove A tick