DIY Wooden Dog Bed


DIY Wooden Dog Bed

Dog Bed
DIY Wooden Dog Bed –

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Here is another great idea aimed to our little friends! If you have plenty of leftover wood planks you can easily make a dog bed Giving your dog it’s own bed to sleep in is one of the best things you can do for your dog. It gives them a real place they can call their own in your home. (not that your home isn’t their home, we all know dogs think that)

This DIY wooden dogs bed project can be made from heat treated pallets or cheap furring strips like in the project. Both work just as well i would say if you dog likes to nipple on things go with the furring strips rather than the pallets. This has to be the best looking and rustic dog bed ever. This wooden dogs bed would look good in any house. The best thing about these plants you can adjust the size to suit your needs, So if you have a small dog, large dog or even a little cat you can easily make them this bed.

DIY Wooden Dog Bed