Signs That You Have Bad Blood Circulation


Signs That You Have Bad Blood Circulation

Signs That You Have Bad Blood Circulation
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Bad circulation can happen to us all—on cold nights when our socks aren’t quite thick enough or when we have simply been sitting still for too long. While we’ve all had this experience, if you or someone you know is constantly and desperately trying to warm hands, feet, and especially the toes, it may be a sign that something more is throwing off the body’s circulation.

What is Poor Circulation?

Simply put, poor circulation is the restriction of blood flow to certain areas of the body, mainly the hands and feet. Fat and plaque buildup is mainly the culprit and can occur due to a number or reasons.

For most, poor blood circulation can cause mild pain or discomfort. The condition generally affects adults who could use a re-vamp for a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes, however, these effects can indicate bigger problems.


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1. Commonly, bad blood circulation shows up as chilly toes or hands which don’t seem to warm up with normal activity. Poor circulation is definitely to blame when this happens and you are not in a cold environment.

2. If you experience tingling in the appendages, especially fingers and toes, you’ll want to move around for warmth and generate some blood flow so they don’t go to a deeper stage of numbness.

3. Numbness in fingers, toes, or other extremities can also happen with poor circulation. Take action immediately by rubbing the area, moving it, or by soaking in warm water. Appendages which lose blood flow have only a limited time before adverse effects take place, so be sure to get color back into any white or blue areas.

4. Throbbing or stinging pain in the limbs can occur in severe cases. Move around, massage the area, and consult your doctor for further treatment.

5. Due to the fact that not enough blood is being delivered to areas in your body, drowsiness and fatigue can also occur. Get moving, make sure you are drinking enough water, and you should be feeling a little more energized.

6. Dizzy spells are also caused by a lack of oxygen. If you experience dizziness at different points throughout the day, your blood sugar could be too low, or you may also be suffering from poor circulation.

7. Swelling in the feet and limbs is another effect of bad circulation, and this is caused by pooling blood and the stagnation that occurs when the blood isn’t properly flowing.

8. Poor circulation can also be the culprit for muscle cramps, or a pins-and-needles feeling. If you are prone to these sometimes painful cramps, talk to your doctor about getting your blood flow healthy again.

9. In some cases, bad circulation can cause erectile dysfunction. Rule out this possibility by consulting your physician.

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