Top 10 Cheap & Easy DIY Greenhouses


Top 10 Cheap & Easy DIY Greenhouses 

Top 10 Cheap & Easy DIY Greenhouses

It’s so tempting to just go and buy a green house these days but just think what you can make with a bit of time and a small budget. The idea of having a greenhouse means you are able to garden all year round, from having a warm place to garden in February to tropical plants that can survive the winter…

Greenhouses are the ultimate fantasy for most gardeners, but they’re also a big price that comes with buying one that suits your needs. But with these great looking greenhouse you can build the size of greenhouse that you need for your garden.

Simple DIY Hoop-Style Greenhouse: You may love the thought of having your own greenhouse in your backyard, but you just don’t have the time or the money to get it done.well this simple design for a green house only uses 3 parts so very simple to make and fast t put up.

PVC greenhouse

Greenhouse Made From Old Windows: What better way to recycle old salvaged windows than to build them into a unique  garden greenhouse or potting shed? Old windows, doors, and other salvaged lumber – along  with a little bit of thought and planning, can be turned into something fantastic for very little

Greenhouse Made From Old Windows

$50 Greenhouse: Build a greenhouse which is completely tailored to the space you have available for no more than $50 and with such a basic design anyone can make it.

$50 Greenhouse

Underground Year Round Greenhouse: I do think it is time to upgrade to a bigger one and I think this is the perfect plan. I don’t even think you can buy a normal greenhouse for this price anyway.

Underground Year Round Greenhouse

Hinged Covered Greenhouse Garden: A greenhouse is a great asset to any vegetable plot, enabling gardeners to make the most of the sun. Even the smallest, unheated structure will allow gardeners to extend the seasons and produce good crops of a wide range of vegetables. I Love this hinged covered green house idea great way to keep your vegetables safe from pests and bugs.

Hinged Covered Greenhouse Garden

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