Top 10 Cheap & Easy DIY Greenhouses


Top 10 Cheap & Easy DIY Greenhouses 

Top 10 Cheap & Easy DIY Greenhouses

It’s so tempting to just go and buy a green house these days but just think what you can make with a bit of time and a small budget. The idea of having a greenhouse means you are able to garden all year round, from having a warm place to garden in February to tropical plants that can survive the winter…

Greenhouses are the ultimate fantasy for most gardeners, but they’re also a big price that comes with buying one that suits your needs. But with these great looking greenhouse you can build the size of greenhouse that you need for your garden.

GeoDome – Are you looking to build a green house that is Very unique, lightweight structure Stable in wind and under snow Optimal light absorption Has the most growing ground space, This ingenious design can be portable, temporary or permanent making it ideal for renters and home owners alike who are after an eye catching build.

5 x 5 Home Greenhouse for under $25 – Costing just under $25, it doesn’t get much cheaper than this.

5 x 5 Home Greenhouse for under $25

Barn Style Greenhouse – If you are looking for a free step by step plans to build a barn style greenhouse!This is the article for you. This is a great looking barn greenhouse not the cheapest but great design and will last a long time. Ideal for a larger more permanent growing space it can withstand the weather year round and will provide more than enough space to grow everything and anything.

Barn Style Greenhouse
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Plastic Bottle Greenhouse – This project was inspired by the agricultural heritage and history not only of Wilmington College but of the entire surrounding community, Grow Food, Grow Hope has found a number of summer projects to work on in conjunction with their community gardening initiative.  The ultimate upcycling DIY which will provide you with a weatherproof and frugal greenhouse which works as well as any other.

Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Simple Everyday Greenhouse: Any garden without a greenhouse is incomplete – in fact, the real charm of a big garden lies in a simple and small greenhouse. You really do not need an expensive one, neither a really good budget to feed your desire.Rather, DIY greenhouse project is the perfect thing for you.

Simple Everyday Greenhouse:

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