Signs That You Have Bad Blood Circulation

Signs That You Have Bad Blood Circulation

Potential Causes:


Smoking is a common cause via flickr

Smoking is a common cause for poor circulation. Damage of the lungs caused by smoking can hinder blood flow—and therefore, the delivery of oxygen—in the body. Poor blood circulation is just one of the many harmful effects of smoking. Do your best to cut back, or even better, skip out on this habit altogether.

If you’ve let your dormant habits get the best of you, that could also be the cause for poor blood circulation. Proper amounts of exercise keep your heart, lungs, arteries, and muscles healthy, happy, and functioning. If you have fallen off the exercise bandwagon, the good news is that you can turn around your health and your blood circulation fairly quickly by implementing a little more walking, cycling, or whatever active pastime you enjoy into your day.

People who are overweight often suffer from poor circulation for many of the same reasons nonexercisers do—poor heart and respiratory health lead to poor circulation. Start introducing a few healthy dietary changes into your routine, and incrementally make your lifestyle a little more circulation friendly.

Stress at work and mainly the static task of sitting at a desk all day can contribute to poor circulation. When you feel your feet falling asleep, it’s definitely time to take a break. Get up, take a walk to your coworker’s desk or the water cooler, and take some time to reawaken your muscles and limbs. It can be hard to break focus while on the job, so a good tip for many is to set an hourly break timer—at least to get a few steps or stretches in on the regular.

Pregnancy can also interrupt a normal blood flow, because the steady stream of nutrients and oxygen are focused on reaching the baby. When this occurs, a little movement like a gentle walk. stretching, or swimming can often help. A tiny massage where on or tingly limbs is also a great idea. If uncomfortable or severe pains repeatedly occur, see your doctor for help in getting the blood flowing.

Diabetes, Raynaud’s disease, hypothyroidism, blood clots, peripheral artery disease, and adverse reactions to medications are some of the leading causes for circulation. If you are experiencing some of the severe symptoms of poor circulation, check with your doctor to rule out any these conditions.



Some movement can help with mild circulation problems. Start taking more walks during the workday or add some stretching to your routine. Cutting back on smoking and unhealthy food will also help in getting your circulation flowing vibrantly.

A number of herbs can have a positive effect as well. Cayenne, ginger, garlic, and gingko biloba all are great for your heart health and blood circulation. Add some cayenne pepper into your smoothies to give it an energetic kick or to a stir fry for a little extra spiciness. Ginger is another great smoothie ingredient and can make a wonderful tea. Garlic is a powerhouse spice with a lot of healthful benefits, so add it to your cooking in whenever possible! Gingko biloba is most commonly taken as a nutritional supplement. Order some from your favorite health store.

Caffeine and alcohol can be consumed, but those who suffer from poor blood circulation should be sure to limit them to moderate amounts. Smokers should try to lay off the habit as much as possible. As I said before, stretching, yoga, acupuncture, and massage can all help to get the blood flowing and your circulation up again.

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