No Bake GIANT TWIX Bar Slice! 3 Ingredient


No Bake GIANT TWIX Bar Slice! 3 Ingredient

No Bake GIANT TWIX Bar Slice! 3 Ingredient

Do you want to make something special? Are you running out of ideas? Put the pastry book down and check out this helpful video for a no bake giant Twix bar!

Did it Say No Baking?

With this recipe, you do not have to worry about baking! Although there are multiple refrigerating steps, a refrigerator is the only kitchen appliance needed to “bake” the giant bar. The only exceptions made are melting a few ingredients so they can be used in the giant bar layering technique. However, even this does not require the oven.

What About the Bar Slice can You Learn from the Video?

As with any baking video, you are going to learn all of the ingredients needed to make the delicious treat. After a description of the required treat ingredients, directions are explained on how to line the cooking tin in order to be able to easily remove the Twix bar when it is ready. Once preparation is in order, you will be shown step-by-step on how to properly stack the ingredients in the baking tin. After the giant bar has been layered and refrigerated for the right amount of time, there is a special way to top off your no bake goodie for not only a scrumptious taste but for an appetizing appearance as well. Finally, the video ends with how to delicately handle the top of the bar to achieve the iconic candy bar finished look.

Should You Give the No-Bake Baking Video Your Time?

Considering giant Twix bars are not the most common dessert taught in a baking class, watching the video will be a key factor in successfully baking, or refrigerating, a perfect creation. Sometimes, certain ingredients may not be available or acceptable and need to be replaced with a similar alternative. The video gives hints as to what ingredients can be replaced with other items if you would like. Although lining the cooking tin may be uncomplicated, the video explains how to do it to optimally be able to pull the giant Twix bar out; which involves more than just ripping a sheet of cooking material and pushing it into the baking tin.

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