How To Make A Glow In The Dark Coffee Table


How To Make A Glow In The Dark Coffee Table 

How To Make A Glow In The Dark Coffee Table

Over at Mike has put together a great article, He made a awesome glow in the dark table. I have never seen anything like it before. What else makes him amazing? He has given us a terrific tutorial, complete with product links, so we can make our own! There is a video to-boot!

This may look like a hard DIY project to tackle but it actually isn’t. They say to use cypress because of it’s holes and gashes but if you wanted to go a little better and use reclaimed wood you can make your own gashes with a knife or spike.This will no doubt be the center of attention at any BBQ so get busy and make one today. Heck, you could probably make them and give them away as gifts. I know I will. Check the project out and let me know what you think

The Coolest DIY Glow In The Dark Coffee Table