How To Make A 5 Gallon, Self-Resetting Mouse Trap


How To Make A 5 Gallon, Self-Resetting Mouse Trap


Bucket traps may be lethal or non-lethal. Both types have a ramp which leads to the rim of a deep-walled container, such as a bucket. The bucket may contain a liquid to drown the trapped mouse. The mouse is baited to the top of the container where it falls into the bucket and drowns. Sometimes soap or caustic or poison chemicals are used in the bucket as killing agents.

How To Make a Self-Resetting Mouse Trap

1 – Drill 2 holes either side of the bucket to fit the coat hanger we will be using.


2 – Grab your metal coat hanger and cut the straight part off so it fits across your bucket.


3 – Grab the tin and cut a hole either side in the center. You can now place the coat hanger from part 2 thought the bucket and the can.


4 – Smear the can with peanut butter.

5 – Place a piece of timber or anything you can use as a ramp onto the bucket so that the mice can walk up the ramp to the peanut butter.


In the non-lethal version, the bucket is empty, allowing the mouse to live, but keeping it trapped. The unharmed mouse can be released outdoors. The variations are many with some being single catch and some multi-catch

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