22 Daily Used Products You Can Simply Make At Home


22 Daily Used Products You Can Simply Make At Home

22 Daily Used Products You Can Simply Make At Home

Sure, you can go to the store and buy pretty much everything. Convenience is a great thing, but often when it comes to processed food, cleaning/laundry and health/beauty products, this convenience comes at a cost, and I am not just talking about the financial cost, I am also talking about the health cost…

Most of the popular everyday item we use at home can easily be made rather than going down to the shop to buy them and best of all  they are a fraction of the cost of commercial products.  Below is a list of 22 products that most people use daily, all can be made at home by yourself.

  • Bug Spray

Did you know bugs are attracted to you because they like the way you smell? DEET works by masking your odor and making you “invisible”. but, DEET isn’t the only thing that works. Source: deliciouswife.com

Bug Spray

  • Homemade Cold & Flu Remedy

Though not imparted with any actual mystical powers, fire cider truly is magical in its own right. This tonic is revered by herbalists for its ability to help prevent cold and flu symptoms and/or shorten their duration if they occur, and for good reason. Source: mommypotamus.com

Homemade Cold & Flu Remedy


  • Homemade Carpet Powder

Homemade carpet powder to the rescue!!  It’s cheap & it has not met an odor that it doesn’t take care of. Source: mrshappyhomemaker.com

Homemade Carpet Powder

  • Upholstery and Carpet Stain Remover

Next time you have a stubborn stain, try this stuff!  It REALLY works! Source: couponingtodisney.com

Upholstery and Carpet Stain Remover

  • Homemade Natural Toilet Cleaning Fizzies

These freshen the bathroom and leave the toilet sparkling. I store them in an air-tight glass jar in the bathroom and use them as needed. I’ve found that if stored correctly, they keep for months. Source: wellnessmama.com

Homemade Natural Toilet Cleaning Fizzies

  • Homemade Window Cleaner

These are some great recipes for green cleaning around the home. Love using essential oils in my diy cleaning recipes. Source: easy-home-made.com

Homemade Window Cleaner


  • Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Here are several different recipes for mixing up your own cleaners for hardwood flooring, just a few simple ingredients are all that’s needed. Source: tipnut.com

Hardwood Floor Cleaners


  • Deodorant

You can customize your deodorant to your scent preferences with essential oils, if desired or omit them for an unscented version. Source: wellnessmama.com



  • Homemade: Fix scratches in wood furniture

Yikes! That is a crazy difference! Not only does it look better but my table is now silky smooth and clean. Um, yeah, I’d say it worked! The best part  is that now my precious table is a totally usable piece of furniture again. Source: domesticblisssquared.com

Fix scratches in wood furniture


  • Homemade: Remove Scratches From Leather

If your leather has seen better day then why not try this simple homemade leather rejuvenator. Source: mash-upchic.blogspot.co.uk

Homemade: Remove Scratches From Leather


  • Diy Goo Gone Gunk Remover

A super simple way to remove glass labels from bottles. Source: onegoodthingbyjillee.com

Diy Goo Gone Gunk Remover

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