Benefits of having a Himalayan Salt Lamp in your home


Benefits of having a Himalayan Salt Lamp in your home

Benefits of having a Himalayan Salt Lamp in your home
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Before you sit down to read this article on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, just take a few moments to take a look around your surroundings and identify all the electrical devices that surround you. Maybe you can hear the constant buzzing of your computer, the glow of a television dances on your face, or your air conditioner unit just kicked on. Maybe all three are happening at once!

You may also notice that all of these devices promote a sense of extra energy and action. Sometimes this extra business going on all around you can promote a sensation of unease or even anxiety. In these modern times, we often spend hours a day on our technological tools. We wake up and almost immediately switch on our devices only to find ourselves later saying goodnight by setting a digital alarm.

As you find yourself completely enveloped in a fabric of warm, glowing technology, remind yourself of the peace and calm that can be achieved when you are outside in the fresh air, sans electrical outlets and buzzing devices. It can be a terrifying prospect for some, but it’s important for us all to take a break from the electrical circuit which seems to connect our modern world.

If going completely off the grid isn’t entirely appealing or isn’t even remotely possible, you may be in luck. No, you don’t have to enforce a no-technology policy in your home or office; it could be as easy as adding one little thing to your environment: the Himalayan Salt Lamp.

What Is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Many different cultures throughout history have praised salt for it’s wellness properties. Salt can be used to clear sinus cavities, relieve respiratory issues, and even treat asthma, bronchitis and much more. Spas and saunas around the world are built to serve as restorative and therapeutic sites for those ailing from variety of maladies.

Himalayan salt is a rock salt or halite which comes from Pakistan and is mined from the IndoGangetic Plain. To make this salt into a lamp, a large crystal of salt is carved to create a desired shape and to hold an incandescent lightbulb inside. Sometimes a candle works to light and heat the salt as well. The rocks are red or pink in color and are often dyed for other desired colors when in production to become a lamp.

What Happens When I Use A Himalayan Salt Lamp?

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To understand the idea behind the benefits of a Himalayan salt lamp, you need to understand the science behind the ionization of our airborne environment. Positive and negative ions are in our air and the balance of ions in your living space can affect the air quality.

Positive ions are those which have lost an electron and gained positive charge. They are often caused by our electronic devices and are commonly said to promote stressful and anxious feelings and to pose many health problems.

To balance these positive ions requires negative ions. The more negative ions that exist in your air, the more refreshing, peaceful, and invigorating your space will be. Many claim that being in an environment full of negatively charged ions leads to health benefits and better overall well- being. Situations where negative ions are commonly found are after a thunderstorm and the areas around a lively waterfall.

Where does a Himalayan salt lamp come into play? Good question. We have to go back to our high school science class to understand.

A “hygroscopic” process occurs when a Himalayan salt lamp is used in your home. The heat source within the lamp drives this process which results in the attraction of moisture, humidity, and airborne water particles in the air. Evaporation produces negative ions, and the attraction of these water molecules paired up with this resulting evaporation makes for a very negative-ioninducing effect.

While there are other methods of removing positively charged ions like “grounding,” Himalayan salt lamps provide a fairly affordable, very pleasant, and even chic way to solve this problem and balance out your environment.

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