30 Survival Plastic Shopping Bag Uses & Hacks


30 Survival Plastic Shopping Bag Uses & Hacks

30 Survival Plastic Shopping Bag Uses & Hacks

If you are camping, lost, or out in the wild, it is good to have survival skills. They could be the difference between critical or non-critical situations and comfortableness. With this in mind, you are going to want easy to use, carry, and access materials that can serve a variety of functions.

What many people don’t realize is that there is a great survival tool right under their noses every day. This unlikely tool is plastic shopping bags. You may not see how and that is okay. Take a look!

Can You Really Use a Plastic Shopping Bag?

Yes! Shopping bags are pretty much everywhere and the video already proves their reliability when it is used for the discussed hacks. These methods are safe and pose no risks to your finances or surroundings. If anything, they are just convenient for you. With a little bit of creativity and resourcefulness, plastic bags can become a hand survival tool that you did not realize you had. Check out how they can help you in survival situations!


What Can the Video Tell You?

The objective of the video is to tell you how you can use a plastic shopping for survival hacks. This is because of their multifunctional capabilities, supply, and convenience. What is great about them is that they can be used for over thirty different hacks!

For example, applying and tying a bag over your car mirrors before cold weather can prevent them from freezing. They can also be used as a make-shift bed to keep dry when lying on the wet ground. This is down by laying out multiple bags. Although this is not a fireproof method, it is better than directly lying on the ground. Finally, if you are caught in the rain, trying a bag around your head can be an improvised rain bonnet.

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