26 Cheap Summer Activities for Your Kids


26 Cheap Summer Activities for Your Kids

26 Cheap Summer Activities for Your Kids
26 Cheap Summer Activities for Your Kids

School is out, and the summer activities add up after a few weeks. Trips to the pool, amusement park, and ice cream shops drain a parent’s bank account fast. You want summer to be fun for your kids, but you also want to keep the electricity running.

Don’t worry! Keeping your child occupied doesn’t have to be expensive. Here is a list of cheap or free summer activities your kids (and you) will enjoy.

26 Cheap Summer Activities

26 Cheap Summer Activities
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1. Make a Scavenger Hunt

Check a scavenger hunt for your kids, and they can be different each time. Look for different nature objects, or search for things inside the house on a rainy day.

2. Camp in the Backyard

Instead of paying to camp at a local park, set up the tent in your backyard. Roast marshmallows and hot dogs outside. Best of all, you can come inside if it rains!

3. Hit Up the Library

Local libraries have air conditioning and planned activities for kids. Check out their events page! Most libraries have things for kids of all ages to try.

4. Make Mud Pies

Go to the Dollar Tree and get some cheap kitchen utensils. Let them fill a bucket with mud, sticks, and grass. Playing in the mud is fun for everyone, so play with your kids!

5. Walk the Dog

So long as your child is old enough, let your kids take the dog for a walk. It is a great exercise for your child and the dog.

Walk the Dog
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6. Visit the Park

Try to hit up the park weekly! Plan a park hop with your friends to visit all of the local parks. Park dates are good for kids and get you some mom time!

7. Climb Some Trees

Climbing trees might seem dangerous, but it is a fantastic activity to expand his gross motor skills. So, encourage tree climbing!

8. Watch Educational Movies

On rainy days, try some educational movies or shows. Try shows such as Liberty Kids or Wild Kratts that are available on Amazon Prime or Netflix!

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