25 Ways Duct Tape Can Help You in a Survival Situation


25 Ways Duct Tape Can Help You in a Survival Situation

25 Ways Duct Tape Can Help You in a Survival Situation

Originally used during World War 2 to waterproof ammunition boxes, duct tape has truly become one of the most versatile materials in the world. I’ve seen duct tape used for just about everything from sealing duct work to making handbags and even homemade jewelry!

Aside from its novelty uses, however, duct tape can literally be a life saver in a survival situation. Following are 25 ways this sticky tape can help you out of a pinch:

Canoe Patch

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With the surface completely dry, a nice layer of duct tape can seal a pretty decent hole in a canoe. I wouldn’t recommend setting out to sea with it, but it can get you by for a bit.

Arrow Fletching

Arrow Fletching

Tear off a few pieces of tape about 5 inches long. Stick one edge to the shaft of an arrow, then fold the tape lengthwise, leaving just enough surface area to stick back to the arrow. Repeat as needed to make 3 workable arrow “feathers”. Can be trimmed easily with a knife.

Patch Water Bottles

A little strip of duct tape can go a long way to making sure you can effectively store fresh water when it is available. Again, the key here is patch cracks or holes while the surface is dry as most duct tape doesn’t bond well to wet surfaces.

Makeshift cup

With a little folding and layering, duct tape can make effective drinking cups. Reinforced with sticks, you can actually make larger vessels for water as well.

First Aid Sling

Either fold a length of tape down the middle or put two strips together to cover the stickiness and you can make a strap to hold an injured arm.


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An injured or broken limb can be stabilized with plenty of padding, a few sticks, and a wrap of duct tape. You can also pad a forked limb and tape it up for a makeshift crutch.

Butterfly Bandages

Cut two small strips of tape and add a smaller strip across their centers for an effective butterfly suture.

Bandage Wrap

Simply put a sterile dressing over an open wound and strap it in place with duct tape. This can be an effective way to waterproof dressings as well if need be.

Blister Cover


You can protect sensitive blisters by covering the area completely with gauze and then sealing it with a little duct tape. This will help reduce chaffing and allow the skin to heal.

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