17 Cleaning Tips from Grandma You’ll Wish You Known About Sooner


Clean Like a Grandma: 17 Tips You Need to Know

17 Cleaning Tips from Grandma You’ll Wish You Known About Sooner

Trips to grandma’s house never seem to disappoint. There is nothing like the cozy feel that you experience. The house is always clean, and grandma seems to have everything under control. It leaves you wondering – what does grandma know that we don’t know?

Grandma knows housekeeping tips that we don’t! Are you ready to revolutionize how you take care of your house? Here are some of the best tips from grandma!

17 Housekeeping Tips from Grandma

Tidy Throughout The Day

Instead of waiting to clean up the mess at the end of the day, clean up messes as they happen. Don’t save all of your chores for one day! Keep tidying throughout the day in small increments.

Skip the Paper Towels

It may seem smart to use paper towels because it reduces laundry. Grandma, on the other hand, sees that it’s a product we throw away and it is a waste of money. Flour sack towels are great for clothing. Keep extra rags on hand!


Make Do With Less

Items create clutter and cost money. One of the best tips is to make do with less. Most things have other purposes aside from their first use. Didn’t you see grandma using grandpa’s underwear as a rag? Make do with less!

Clean Windows with Newspaper

Don’t use rags or paper towels on your windows! Instead, clean your windows with newspapers. It is one of the best ways to reduce streaks. By the way, don’t try to use the comic strips. You need black and white pages only for window cleaning!

Create Your Cleaning Products

If you live a greener lifestyle, chances are you already make some of your cleaning products. Not only do they contain fewer chemicals, but they also work just as well and save you money. You can make window cleaner, furniture polish, and more!

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