16 Rubber Band Uses To Help With Everyday Life


18 Rubber Band Uses To Help With Everyday Life

18 Rubber Band Uses To Help With Everyday Life

The simple rubber band has to be one of those nifty little items that costs next to nothing and yet has so many uses. i always keep a bag of them in my draw just in case i need them. You already know that rubber bands work great for holding things together, and are also can be fun to shoot at each other(like we all used to at school 🙂 .

Did you know there are many other uses for the little contraptions that have become a universal household name? In case you didn’t know, here are some other practical uses for rubber bands you may find helpful in everyday life.

Page Turning: 

Doing a lot of reading or studying? Attaching a rubber band to your finger helps you turn pages with ease.


Limit Your Soap Dispenser: 

Put a rubber band around the neck of pump bottles to limit the amount dispensed per pump.


Hair Tie:

A simple rubber band does the trick, but it can take a few hairs with it as you pull it out.


Phone Tripod:

Ready to build your own mason jar tripod? Assemble these ingredients. You probably have all this lying around your house already.

Phone Tripod:

Paint Brush Scraper:

Scraping the excess paint, put a large rubber band around the can so that you can wipe the brush on that and allow the excess to drip back into the paint can.


Stabilize Cutting Board:

Most basic cutting boards don’t come with any kind of rubbery surface on the bottom to prevent them from sliding around, but with a couple of rubber bands, you can stabilize your cutting board and prevent future accidents from occurring.

Stabilize Cutting Board:

Makeshift Wallet:

Just keep you cash and cards together by wrapping up your little bundle in rubber bands. It’s a super easy and cheap solution to saving space.

Makeshift Wallet:

Lid Opener: 

When you’re faced with a lid that won’t budge, just wrap a rubber band around it several times to give you a better grip.

Lid Opener:

Drink Marker:

If there is a few of you having the same drink, simply mark the bottles and glasses with color-coded rubber bands to avoid any confusion.

Drink Marker

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