13 Natural Ways to Rid Your House of Spiders


13 Natural Ways to Rid Your House of Spiders

13 Natural Ways to Rid Your House of Spiders
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Sure, it may be normal to have a spider show up every once and awhile in your home, but as the weather changes, you may see more invaders than you’re comfortable with. Spiders may either try to enter your house to escape the cold outdoors, or in warmer conditions, you may be opening up to spiders by airing out your house with unscreened windows and open doors. How can you keep those spiders away while keeping your home fresh?

Here are 13 natural ways to rid your house of spiders.

1. Make an essential oil repellant.

Here are some helpful and beautiful smelling oils which will keep your house smelling fresh and discourage spiders from entry: –

Mix 5 to 7 drops of one of these oils (or a mixture of different oils) with a splash of liquid soap, and a dash of vinegar. Combine in a spray bottle and then fill the rest with warm water. Spray this mixture around any possible point of entry for your spiders such as windowsills, door frames, and floor boards. You can also spray a bit in the corners of your home, in closets, or in spaces where spiders could potentially hide.

essential oil

2. Keep your house clean

Keep your house clean by dusting and vacuuming regularly. Spiders love to get cozy amongst clutter, so keep your areas tidy and clean with regular cleaning. It’s basically an invitation to see a spider web and not do anything about it so be diligent about sweeping up those webs any time you see them.

Keep your house clean

3. windows and doors

Spider proof your windows and doors. Keep any possible entry of spiders down by making sure your windows and doors are sealed. Also check your screens to make sure no areas have gotten loose and made an opening for spiders.

window screen
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4. Clean up your yard.

Wood piles and bundles of leaves can make nice spider homes, so be sure to avoid extra debris like this in your yard when possible. Spiders also love tall grass, so keeping a trimmed lawn may help cut back on the problem. Outdoor storage can be a great thing to have, but spiders can also find refuge here. To avoid them making a home in your shed, properly seal up windows and doors.

Wood piles

5. Plant trees

It’s a surprising fact, but some trees can actually repel spiders. Trees which emit pleasant smells can often discourage spider populations. Eucalyptus is a great tree for such a task. It requires minimal maintenance while it’s lovely scent does double duty, delighting your nose and repelling spiders.

eucalyptus shrub