13+ Living Privacy Fences Ideas


13 Living Privacy Fence Ideas

13 Living Privacy Fence Ideas

Of course, there are other advantages to having a living fence. It provides a niche for more species to inhabit, as well as a barrier to keep species out. Kinda balancing out the flow of nature. Depending on the type of plant you choose, it may also provide food or medicine for your family or livestock.

One of the best ways to ensure places around your home cannot be seen by your neighbors or a passersby is to add a fence. Living privacy fences are a great way to be green and to add an interesting design element to your landscape.

1: Vertical balcony gardens

Balcony plants provide the necessary shading and have a calming effect on people. In addition to the relaxation effect, they improve the urban micro climate.

Vertical balcony gardens

2: Using A Fast Growing Plant To Cover Fence

Covering chain link fences is a common problem for many homeowners. While chain link fencing is inexpensive and easy to install, it does lack the beauty of other kinds of fencing.

Using A Fast Growing Plant To Cover Fence

3: The living willow fence – 

In short, you take long and straight willow stems and plant then in a line in the spring.


3: Cactus as Glamorous Privacy Fencing –

Forget bamboo. For a green privacy wall, consider a centuries-old Mexican method: a cactus fence.

Cactus as Glamorous Privacy Fencing
photo: gardenista.com

4: Simple Privacy Hedge –

Homesteaders typically create living fences by planting appropriate shrub or tree species


5: Plant pine trees as a living fence –

Windbreaks (wind breaks, wind screens) and privacy fences (privacy screens) are popular uses for our evergreen trees,

Plant pine trees as a living fence.

6: How Far Apart to Space Lilac Plants for a Hedge –

Spacing of lilacs (Syringa spp., Ceanothus spp.) in a hedge depends on the lilac types used, their growing conditions

How Far Apart to Space Lilac Plants for a Hedge

7: Best Shrubs for Privacy –

The best shrubs for privacy grow densely, require little maintenance and block a view completely

Best Shrubs for Privacy

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