11 Creative Ways To Use Command Hooks


Who Knew You Could Do So Much With Command Hooks?

Who Knew You Could Do So Much With Command Hooks?
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Plastic hooks are just about what you need for a day to day ease of the little things that you might be ignorant about. They work perfectly to lift the irritant of having little things bothering you. Here are 11 ideas of how you can put plastic hooks to use.

  • You are driving your car; you are hungry so you stop for a snack. You are in quite a hurry therefore you have to take away and eat in your car. A plastic hook will work incredibly to hold your snack bag so you can reach out for it while you keep your eyes on the road.
  • Plastic hooks can hold a box of wipes or facial tissue for you. In a situation that you have your hands full and would like to get a facial tissue, you can reach for it with one hand without having the box fall off, creating a mess.
Command Hook
Command Hook


  • Somehow, you are unable to lock your bathroom door, and you have to go. Placing the plastic hooks on either door and using a rubber band to hold them close is a solution that works incredibly.

  • Some people might be careless and forget where they placed their keys after opening the door. Finding the keys might be irritating and time consuming, in case you are in a hurry and for security reasons cannot leave your house open. Hanging your keys on a plastic hook will save you time and give you easy access.
  • A toothbrush holder is sometimes not enough for your family, and the toothbrushes may get in contact, which is unhygenic. If you put all toothbrushes on different plastic hooks, it will be easier for everyone to identify and avoid contact.

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