11 Crazy Home Remedies Using Onions That Really Work


11 Crazy Home Remedies Using Onions That Really Work

11 Crazy Home Remedies Using Onions That Really Work

Nearly everyone has onions in their pantry. Onions can make or break the flavor of dinner or lunch. Yet, you might not realize that those onions you are sautéing also have impressive medicinal benefits. That’s right! Onions can be in your tomato sauce and your medicine cabinet.

Onions belong to the allium family, along with garlic, leeks, and chives. Allium vegetables have been revered for centuries for their medicinal uses. Onions have antiseptic and antibiotic properties because of its high sulfur content. Onions can fight off free radicals that lead to diseases in your body. You can use onions to boost your immunity, treat respiratory illnesses, and lower your cholesterol.

11 Ways to Use Onions to Treat Common Illnesses


Are you or your children suffering from a frustrating cough that won’t go away? Right now, half of the United States is facing the same issue.
Peel and slice an onion in half. Apply a tablespoon of brown sugar on each slice, covering them for an hour. Then, eat this twice a day. It sounds nasty (it isn’t delicious), but it contains properties that will bust the cough-causing microbes.

Don’t worry; there are other ways to use an onion to treat a cough! You can try to mix an equal amount of onion juice with honey. Doing so can also help to relieve sore throats (because of the honey).

Reducing Chest Congestion

Reducing chest congestion goes right along with stopping a frustrating cough. One of the best treatments is to crush up an onion and make a paste with coconut oil. Then, coat your chest with this mixture. Cover your chest with a dish towel.

Remember, onions are a natural form of antibiotics and will increase your immune system! Plus, onions have a very obvious vapor that will help to loosen all of that mucus causing the discomfort and congestion.

Relieve a Stomach Ache

Relieve a Stomach Ache

Stomach aches can make your day (or night) miserable. Onions contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can help stop an upset stomach. There are saponins inside of onions that have anti-spasmodic capabilities. These capabilities stop any stomach issues and also ensures that your bowels are clear of obstructions and operate smoothly.

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